Why is Eric Schneiderman Silent on the $800+ Powerball Lottery?

It is well known that Eric Schneiderman is crusading a witch hunt against DFS like Draftkings and Fanduel, but why won’t he go after the biggest scam running? DFS has been proven to be a game of skill and not gambling. Not only that but it is fun and gives people a reason to watch and be more invested in sports (another money grubbing scheme). Funny how he won’t do or say anything about the massive Powerball lottery, which has no skill and can be addicting to people.

This jerkoff is going after fantasy sports for one simple reason: to make a name for himself. He’s no different than Ken Kratz and his witch hunt against Avery and Dassey. Schneiderman is a hypocrite. He has taken over $150,000 from gambling associated since 2010, but I can’t play some fantasy sports? Are you fuckin’ kidding me? But noooo, he claims he’s stopping illegal gambling rings from building up. Hello! You can already illegally gamble and every guy plays year long fantasy football for money already. And he thinks he’s stopping addictions? The lottery is by far the most addicting form of gambling and it is state run. If I become addicted to sports gambling, I’m doing traditional gambling not DFS. The mob won’t start breaking legs over fantasy sports.

It’s no doubt that Schneiderman is just a money grubbing snake in the grass. Stand up against all forms of gambling or be logical and allow gambling. Get out of my face, Schneiderman. Go send a dick pic to Katz.

And on this note, the Powerball has to be in cahoots with the media, right? Just a few days ago it was at $600 million. Now it’s all over the media and is sitting pretty at $800 million and could reach a billion dollars. That’s a lot of cheddar going to the states, but I shouldn’t be allowed to make a quick buck on Steph Curry raining down 3’s on DFS? Gotcha, Schneiderman you snake.


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