Did Donald Trump Just Become a Legitimate White House Contender?

*Originally published on RYOT.org on September 4th, 2015 by Sean Sawyer*

Are you ready for Donald Trump to become President? Well, according to the latest poll conducted by SurveyUSA, that may just become a reality.

When polled against the top four Democratic candidates, of which only Clinton and Sanders are running, Trump narrowly defeats his opponents.

Trump 45%, Clinton 40%.

Trump 44%, Sanders 40%.

Trump 44%, Biden 42%.

Trump 44%, Gore 41%.

What is even more shocking about this poll is that in these four hypothetical match-ups, Trump takes home an average of 23.75% of the Black vote and 29.5% of the Hispanic vote. While both are only about a quarter of the Black and Hispanic vote, this is an extremely huge victory for Trump.


In the past 10 election cycles, the Republican with the highest percentage of the Black vote was Bob Dole in 1996 with 12% of the vote. Last election, Mitt Romney only yielded 6% of this vote, according to The American Mirror.

As a man with so much negative publicity for his words towards minorities, it seems that Trump is doing just fine with at least some segments the minority vote.

Trump’s unofficial slogan for his campaign is when he said “I’m not going anywhere, folks.” So, what is the best way to defeat the man that just doesn’t seem to want to go away? It will start with finding a way to counter the massive publicity the Donald has generated for his campaign. Trump has had decades of publicity of his real estate success and for being a television personality. John Kasich, the man in second place for the GOP race in New Hampshire has a potential opportunity but, according to the same SurveyUSA poll, only 4% think he will win the entire race. More publicity would garner more support for a candidate who is generally thought as less polarizing as Trump.

And as for the Democrats, gaining support at the grassroots level would seem to be more influential than ever. Every day, Clinton is losing support and being seen as untrustworthy, but Sanders is gaining support via small donations and grassroots support. Also, if Biden or Gore do decide to run, they’ll need to take advantage of this window of opportunity. The sooner they run the more likely they could earn the support that Clinton is losing because both men would take Super PAC money and have experience both serving as Vice President.


Clinton, left, and Sanders, right, have pulled ahead in the polls and are now essentially running a two-man race. (Photo left: AP. Photo right: Charlie Riedel/AP)

Should Trump continue with his successful campaign, then quite possibly we could see him in the Oval Office. We’ll know a lot more about his chances next week after the second GOP debate. Just like the first time around, Trump is bound to be the center of attention and will likely decide whether his bubble bursts or truly begins to take shape as a legitimate force.


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