John Kasich: 5 Things Millennials Should Know

*Originally published on on August 27th, 2015 by Sean Sawyer*

John Kasich is a longtime politican from Ohio. He has served his time as both Chairman of the Budget Committee during his time in the House and as Governor of Ohio since 2011. He is currently in the top tier of the Republican field and is shaping out to be a good opponent to leading vote getter Donald Trump.

He stands with the new law of the land

While most republicans’ LGBT views are concentrated on overturning the recent Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court case which made same-sex marriages legal, Kasich is moving forward. He does not support gay marriage because of his “traditional views,” he has accepted the new Supreme Court decision.

Watch him explain his new opinion on LGBT rights since the legalization of same-sex marriage, in which I believe was one of the best answers at the first Republican debate.

Progressive criminal justice reform

One of the things Kasich takes the most pride in is his progressive criminal justice reform as Governor of Ohio. Kasich seeks a more rehabilitating criminal justice system than the current one. In 2011, Kasich passed a law that makes it easier to ex-criminals to get jobs. In 2012, he passed a law that helped non-violent offenders seek rehab instead of prison time. By doing this, he helped create a new progressive criminal justice reform and also saved $46 million in 2 years. Kasich explained his reasoning for the new laws in 2012 by saying, “I don’t want anyone to think we’ve lost discipline. You do bad, we’re locking you up. But for someone that wants to do better, we’re giving you a chance.”

Chief Architect of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997

In 1997, when Kasich was the Chairman of the House Budget Committee, he denied a proposed budget plan by Clinton’s administration that would help cut the federal deficit by 2004. He helped to build a new proposal and struck a bipartisan agreement by creating the Balanced Budget Act of 1997. When Bill Clinton signed the act in 1997, the act went on to help create the first federal surplus in US history since the 60’s. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said of Kasich, “More than any single man, he is responsible for balancing the budget.”

Kasich goes to Wall Street

In 2001, Kasich went to work for Lehman Brothers on Wall Street as a managing director in their investment banking division. He worked there until the fall of the bank in 2008. He has come under great scrutiny since 2008 for his role at Lehman Brothers, claiming that he is not the savvy business man we saw in 1997. While his critics seem to think that this causes him to be unfit for presidency, Kasich was able to spin the facts. He says that he saw an unchecked Wall Street and he will not allow that to happen. Despite heavy scrutiny for this when he ran for Ohio Governor in 2010, Kasich won and possibly casted any doubt that he is an unfit politician for his time on Wall Street.

He’s a home run back home

Taking in all of this information about Kasich, you can see why he is a rising stock in the 2016 election. No other Republican is polling as high as Kasich back in their respective states, according to a new Quinnipiac Universtiy poll. Voters in Ohio approve of Kasich’s job performance 61% to 28%. These figures grow even stronger among Republicans at 84% to 10%. Among independents, he earned a 60% to 28%. Democrats are more divided on his performance, with 46% to 44%. Perhaps these strong numbers are an indicator of potential success as the next President of the United States.


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