These Are the Rebel Republicans On Board to Fight Climate Change

*Originally published on on September 18th, 2015 by Sean Sawyer*

One of the major downfall for the GOP in recent years is their denial of the human role in climate change, despite scientific proof. However, there has been a mini rebellion within the party as 10 Republican Congressmen have signed a resolution that they each agree that humans play an important role in the climate change crisis. They also acknowledge that steps need to be taken to reverse this role.


New York Representative Chris Gibson drafted the Conservative Environment Stewardship.

According to the Guardian, the resolution “Conservative Environment Stewardship” was drafted by Chris Gibson, former US Army Colonel and current New York Representative. The other politicians endorsing this resolution is Representatives Ileana Ros-Le­htin­en and Car­los Cur­belo of Flor­ida, Robert Dold of Illinois, Dave Reich­ert of Wash­ing­ton, Pat Mee­han, Ry­an Cos­tello, and Mike Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, and Richard Hanna and Elise Stefanik of New York.

It is an important resolution that comes in a timely manner just a week before


This is a major step for the GOP, but not all are onboard with Gibson’s resolution. Republican Representative Paul Gosar of Arizona will be boycotting the speech.

Gosar explains his reasoning in an op-ed, “At this pivotal mo­ment in world his­tory, His Holi­ness, Pope Fran­cis, is in­tend­ing to spend the ma­jor­ity of his time on one of the world’s greatest stages fo­cus­ing on cli­mate change. If the Pope plans to spend the ma­jor­ity of his time ad­voc­at­ing for flawed cli­mate-change policies, then I will not at­tend.”


Arizona Representative Paul Gosar.

Gosar clearly has a problem with Pope Francis’ use of influence pushing climate change rather than trying to stop the persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

“If the pope stuck to stand­ard Chris­ti­an theo­logy, I would be the first in line. If the pope spoke out with mor­al au­thor­ity against vi­ol­ent Is­lam, I would be there cheer­ing him on. If the pope urged the West­ern na­tions to res­cue per­se­cuted Chris­ti­ans in the Middle East, I would back him whole­heartedly,”

Regardless of Gosar’s views, it is a great sign to see some GOP Congressman embracing the science behind climate change and hopefully more will join the Conservative Environment Stewardship.


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