Totally Rad History: The Drug Fueled Nazi Regime

*Originally published on on October 14th, 2015 by Sean Sawyer*

Today on #FlashbackFriday, we take a look at the Evil Empire and their massive drug use.

Most of the world knows that the Nazi Regime in Germany was one of the most evil regimes in human history led by one of the evilest man, Adolf Hitler. However, not too many know that Hitler and his army were being fueled by a number of hard drugs.

Hitler had a personal physician that helped him to administer drugs on a daily basis. Dr. Thomas Morell was the man who first introduced Hitler to drugs after the doctor observed Hitler’s “constipations and colossal flatulence occurred on a scale I have seldom encountered before,” the doctor wrote in his journal.


Once Hitler’s uncontrollable flatulence was corrected, he sought Dr. Morell out for more remedies. To remedy Hitler’s grogginess, Dr. Morell started to give him daily doses of amphetamines which eventually turned into a daily cocktail of cocaine, meth, steroids, laxatives, and opioids. On other days, he was also administered morphine and bull semen, which was used to remedy his low sex drive.

Perhaps, instead of the Allied attempts to make him more compassionate by sneaking Estrogen into Hitler’s food, all they had to do was get him off hard drugs. But then again, the hard drugs led Hitler to become an ineffective military leader which lead to the decline of the German Army, as some historians believe.

And Hitler wasn’t the only one in Germany doing hard drugs. The Nazi Army distributed millions of Pervitin tablets, or “Panzerschokolade” (“tank chocolate”), to soldiers on the front lines. They believed these tablets would increase energy and awareness and that it did because these Pervitin tablets are now commonly known as crystal meth.

And these pills weren’t only used under Hitler’s regime. As late as the 1960s, the Pervitin manufacturer Temmler Werke continued to supply both East and West German Armies with its pills. And it wasn’t until the 1970s that West Germany’s army removed the drug from its medical arsenal. East Germany’s National People’s Army wouldn’t remove the crystal meth-like drug until 1988.

In other Hitler related news, Mein Kampf will be returning to German bookstores for the first time since his death 70 years ago.




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